We're back! Progress + Take 1

Greetings from the crossroads of America! (leave us a comment below if you know what state we're talking about - you might just see something end up in your mailbox!)

We thought the start of March was a perfect time to post an update on the films progress. 

Our hard working team continues to go through footage while developing the story's direction. Everyday we seem to discover something new about letterpress that challenges our preconceived notions, or just outright surprises us! This month's update comes in the form of a....you guessed it...video. Enjoy!

Going Forward
We hope to post updates giving a behind the scenes look at the film at the beginning of each month from now on. Topics might include meeting our composer, checking in with our creative staff, or just showing you things we think are cool. Let us know if you have any ideas! Thank you again for your support and please help us continue to spread the #letterpresslove. 

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Warmest regards, The Pressing On Team


Request a Film Screening!
We want to share letterpress and the film with as many people as possible. Think Pressing On would look good on the big screen in your town? Want to bring the filmmakers to show the film and speak at your venue or organization? Let us know!

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