Thanks to you, we are funded!

Overwhelmed with joy! Truly grateful.

Words alone cannot describe how appreciative we are for your part in helping to make this film a reality. Thanks to you we will be able to preserve and share the knowledge and history of letterpress.

We are humbled by the immense number of people who have joined together, and for each of your contributions. Your enthusiastic notes, posts, and encouragement along the way kept our spirits high, we felt the letterpress love. We are very excited to begin production of the film this Summer!

Any additional funding we receive past our initial goal will be put to use. Increased funds will enable us to: 

  • Film at additional locations across the country documenting more printers, more stories, and additional knowledge of the craft. 
  • Development of bonus material for the DVD/Blu-Ray including several 3-4 minute bonus featurettes.
  • Creation of an Educational Multimedia Archive to help share and teach letterpress. 

Thank you so much for making the film possible! 
With gratitude, Erin and the Pressing On Team