Summer Update!

From the day we as filmmakers first set eyes on letterpress’s physical intricacies, the feel of wood and metal type, and pulling our first proof from a press, we’ve been absolutely mystified.

This project’s goal has always been to share letterpress with as many people as possible. Technology evolves so rapidly and it’s important, now more then ever, to know where we’ve come from. The language of letterpress is a part of our digital world; kerning, leading, uppercase and lowercase. Phrases and terms passed from generations of typographers, printers, and designers — all began with letterpress.

The feedback we’ve received has exceeded even our highest of expectations. Through social media and travels, the response to the film has been extremely encouraging. 99% of the time, when we chat about the film, it seems someone has a connection to letterpress. Their dad might have had a showcard press in the basement. Perhaps the mother decorated the home with old wood type, the travesty! Everyone is connected to letterpress in their own individual way.

In order to bring both the film, and letterpress, to the widest audience possible, we’ve made the decision to delay the public release of the film. There are several ways we’ll accomplish this.

First are the o’mighty film festivals. We’ll be submitting to the major festivals this Fall. Film festivals are the best way to gain broad exposure through connections and possibly digital distribution. It's not about winning awards. If selected, a festival will require they screen the world premier of the film, which is why we need to delay release. 

Following our festival run will be the larger release. This may include select theaters, digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, and other outlets. Post-festivals is also the time we’ll start our worldwide screening tour. Many of you have submitted request forms to bring the film to your hometown. Around the same time we will release the finished version of the film to you, our original backers. We’re targeting Spring 2016/Early Summer 2017 for broader screenings.

We hope you’ll agree with us that spreading letterpress to as many people as possible is an important goal. This is a film about the survival of Letterpress, and if a small step such as this can help with preserving letterpress, we want to take it.

It’s your support that keeps us going, thank you.

The Pressing On Team

P.S. We will continue to send you special preview clips as we continue editing!