Post Production Update

Hello From the Editing Room! 

We're excited to announce that the film is officially cut to time and in the final phase of Post Production! Over the past months great progress has been made and we are on the final stretch. So what exactly does that mean? 

Cut to Time

The edit is done! Well, not quite. Our cut to time is the final lock-down of the all creative assets to be edited. All scenes are in their final order, supplemental b-roll footage has been added in, and the official run time is set. We took the film from 72 hours of interviews to a 4 hour initial cut, to the length of a feature documentary (90 minutes). What's next?

  Editing timeline of Pressing On

Editing timeline of Pressing On

Color Grade

Once the film is "cut to time" color grading is next. Color grading is where the look and feel of the film is established. It's a very creatively driven process that plays a part in setting the final mood of the film. Because we shot Pressing On: The Letterpress Film in Red Cinema RAW (at 5K no less) it gives us great flexibility with what we can communicate through a visual experience. Check out these other great films shot on the same camera we used. Want to know more, here is a great article on color grading: Intro to Color Grading

  Colorist Dan puts the final touches on scene color grade

Colorist Dan puts the final touches on scene color grade

 Sound Design and Final Mix Mastering

There is a old saying that sound is 50% of a film. Think of a movie or video you've watched with really bad sound. Maybe it was too loud. Perhaps the effects we're overbearing. Bad sound can transport a viewer out of the film almost immediately. While most will focus on what's shown on screen, the sound design of a film has a critical job in emerging a viewer fully into the scene. Getting creative is what we love and we're hard at work designing sound elements to accompany our strong visuals.

  Sound designer Freddie works on recreating sounds for placing type inside a chase

Sound designer Freddie works on recreating sounds for placing type inside a chase

Musical Score

Riding shotgun to the sound design is the musical score for the film. We're fortunate to have the talented Mark Greenberg composing the majority of music for Pressing On. Collaborating with our Directors, the scoring is both a creative endeavor and a time consuming one. We couldn't be happier with how the film is sounding and know it's going to make a huge impact on the final piece. To check out Mark's work visit him here: The Mayfair Workshop

Request a Film Screening! 

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Until next time! 
Warm Regards, The Pressing On Team