New Backer Reward: Own a Press!

The generosity of the letterpress community is impressive! T and T Press Restoration, or Tom & Terri Kartes, are donating a restored refurbished Kelsey 5x8 table top platen press as a Reward for the Pressing On Kickstarter campaign! 

They explain, "When we saw the ad for the Kickstarter program and reviewed the work to date on the film it was instantly apparent that we needed to both pledge to its support with a cash donation and donate a restored press."

NEW REWARD: $2,200 T&T Kelsey 5x8 Press + BONUS Starter Kit
(any model 5 X 8 Kelsey and any color T&T offers) 
Estimated delivery (U.S. only) to be September 30, 2015.

T&T Printer Starter Kit includes:
– new rubber rollers with steel trucks
– chase bars, reglets and furniture
– wax and gauge pins
– tympan and press board

Dave Peat BONUS Starter Kit:
– composing stick and line gauge
– hand-held Rouse slug cutter / leads and slugs
– quoins and quoin key / ink and brayer
– 2 small fonts of metal type + Iowa cases
– cuts and electrotypes / paper

The T and T Restoration Story
"We work hard to provide our clients with the best possible examples of restored table top printing presses and are always on the prowl for suitable candidates. We entered this business for several reasons which include the pure joy of working with iron. Having the right equipment to do the job of total restoration correctly and with reasonable efficiency. Each restored press becomes a reflection of our attention to detail, our clients desires and delivery that always delights the customer. It is always a joyful experience to satisfy the printer beyond their expectations.

It is usually fun to help the new printer select the press that best meets their needs. This journey began when our daughter, Tracy of Green Grass Press, was looking for a Pilot press. The search began with so many questions and so little knowledge of the craft and its required equipment. Briar Press with its many links and its contributors became the major source of information. Before long it became apparent that there was demand for restored presses. We strive to control each step of the process to ensure quality control and a safe delivery to the customer. We have shipped all over the world and continue to enjoy a steady stream of work." — Tom & Terri Kartes, T and T Press Restoration

That's me with my 5x8 Kelsey the first time I ever printed. I learned to love letterpress on it making note cards, business cards, and coasters. Now I take it along to festivals and shows so others can experience letterpress. 

I can't wait to see what whoever gets this special reward from Tom and Terri makes on their press! This press helps preserve the knowledge for future printers.

Keep sharing the project and thank you for all of your support! - Erin

Erin Beckloff, Co-Director, Pressing On