Half Way! New Video + New Backer Rewards

Pressing On is 47% funded and half way through our campaign! We are humbled by the community response thus far and would not be here without your support! Thank You!

Help Us Spread the Word!  
The best thing you can do, unless you have a magical pot of type metal / 'er, gold, is share the project with people who might care about what we’re trying to create – fellow printers, designers, artists, creatives, and even history enthusiasts! 

Here are some awesome pictures and media to share with people or post to Facebook: http://www.letterpressfilm.com/media-guide

Posting this link to social media helps others learn about the project and helps us get closer to our goal: http://tinyurl.com/letterpressfilmKickstarter

New Backer Rewards Available!
We're excited to announce two additional prints now available as part of our limited edition Pressing On Printers Collection! One luscious print is "You Are Just My Type" by Greg Walters. His inspiration is, "because type is what letterpress is all about." Greg used wood type and a Hamilton border with gold bronzing powder which had to be brushed onto the wet ink one at a time.

And "A Good Word" reversible print by Celene Aubry from Hatch Show Print. She explains her fascinating, two-sided contribution, "I get the most gratification out of my work when I feel like I've connected with someone through it, or affected someone, somehow. Good words and sharing them are what I'm after, and the good wood that goes into type and also that wood that goes into paper, it's all connected."

  Each 8x10 is limited to a numbered edition of 150. $34 each or all 7 prints for $175.

Each 8x10 is limited to a numbered edition of 150. $34 each or all 7 prints for $175.

New Video: The Daves on DaFont
"Ohhh, chromatics!" Dave Peat and Dave Churchman have very particular taste in the type they collect and print. Peat focuses on 19th century ornate Victorian type and Churchman dearly loves his 'house font' Palatino. DaFont.com is an online archive of freely downloadable digital fonts, let's see what they think of this new-fangled digital type "specimen book."

Read more about the printers in the film here: http://www.letterpressfilm.com/interviews/

Have a great weekend keep it composed (printing lingo) ! 

— Erin and the Pressing On Team